Sidewalk Art

The other day as Kay-Kay and I were walking to our building I asked him, “Do you want to draw on the sidewalk?” Without hesitation he exclaimed, “Sure!”

Kay-Kay doesn’t go far without his trusty sock. In it are kept some of his most prized possessions: chalk. It is the cause of incessant arguing and consternation in our household. If Kay-Kay has the chalk, our daughter Kema is fighting for her share, and vice versa. Kay-Kay began taking the “jewels” with him when he left the house to ensure they were safe from his sister’s clutches (he’s nearly 5 while she’s 2 and a half, so for now he’s in control). I just laugh.

Here’s some of our work. I say our because I started out helping, but soon was taking direction from Kay-Kay the art director. The recent rain has since washed it all away, but we were greeted warmly by fellow tenants who passed us by as we worked.

Enjoy. 🙂

The wheels on the Bus…
Abstract Piece, Shinning Sun, Smiley Face, Apple, and ice cream cone w/3 scoops
Bigger cone with many scoops, including sprinkles
Close up of trusty pouch (finger poking through hole)

City Life

I put on no airs about my affinity for City Life. Growing up in NYC during the 80s & 90s imbued my soul with a dose of urban living and culture. It is no secret that it is my preference. This was the main reason I relocated my family from Chesapeake to downtown Norfolk. Even though the distance of 7.1 miles can be traversed in 15 minutes by car, it is well worth it.

Living in a City affords one the opportunity to experience a great deal of humanity. Most healthy cities offer a great mix of cultural flavors which make urban living so appealing. The City itself is a dynamic entity; no true city ever remains the same for long.

My love of walking is rewarded now that I’ve relocated. There is nothing like experiencing a neighborhood on foot; you get to really soak in it’s rays. To find a new quiet spot, peculiar building, or slice of nature; these are the things that let us know we are alive.

But the greatest benefit to City Life is that it forces us to collide with one another and nature.

It’s all connected.

It takes a great deal of effort and deliberate action to flee humanity in the urban setting. Life and activity surround you at all times. Next door neighbors, their dogs, refuse collection, our avian friends, all meld into one, each with equal right to coexist. It is sublime.