First (Real) Snow of the Winter

Got our first snow of the season here in Norfolk Monday night. Didn’t venture out, just a few shots from the window.




And Tuesday morning:




I got to hand it to The Tide maintenance crew. They were out early Tuesday clearing the tracks and platform so commuters wouldn’t skip a beat. Also to the good folks at Harris Teeter on Colonial Ave. They did the amazing feat of opening up all checkout lanes to assist shoppers trying to get home Monday night.


So I just scooped these LeBron XI’s. Wasn’t really intending to purchase but I came across a pretty good deal (never retail 😉 ). They were apparently worn one time, but there is honestly little evidence of this. The 11th edition to Nike’s LeBron line (the 12th installment dropped a few weeks ago) these are known as the “Miami Nights” edition, from when LeBron still played for the Heat in south Florida. I really appreciate the carbon fiber which is ever so nicely broken up by the splashes of hot pink peaking out from under the uppers. It’s a beautiful day so I thought, “Why not a photo shoot?” Enjoy.












Break Time

You’re 10 minutes away from tranquility

One of the things I find most helpful during the workday is to get up from my desk often. I try to get up at least once every 20 minutes; bathroom break, water cooler, co-worker’s desk, whatever. Even more helpful have been the instances where I worked within walking distance of a park, pond, or walking trail. I will forgo consuming good food for a walk any day.

A good walk needs to take you away from the building and grounds of your place of work (traversing the parking lot doesn’t count). 10 minutes by foot is ideal, and the more natural the surroundings, the better. The purpose of this is to provide an individual with the time to mentally and spiritually unplug. This is why I’m not a fan of eating, or even spending lunch time at your office. To get the most out of the “break” one needs to remove themselves; break out.

Some of my most poignant moments of clarity and self-reflection have occurred on such occasions. I think best when I’m out and about in nature. It’s not unique; most humans experience similar phenomena. The problem occurs when we don’t allow ourselves to indulge in the activity often enough.

Try it; that report can wait.