The Pharcyde – Drop

I’m a product of the late 80s early 90s, so my taste in music often reflects this.  One of the groups that can easily be over looked for their many contributions to hip-hop is The Pharcyde.  Based out of South Central LA, they were a different type of music from what Cali was mainly known for during the early 90s.

This song “Drop” was one of the groups’ biggest hit.  More importantly, the video is widely considered one of the greatest videos of all time, for its premise and creativity.  The Pharcyde apparently went as far as speaking their raps backwards, to match the reverse play of the footage.  I really took this era of great Hip-Hop for granted, which is a shame, because only now as I look back do I appreciate it.

I’m glad I can still listen to the stuff from time to time; takes me back.

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