More Laughter

My children live the life.  They wake up everyday just ready for the World.  My son often asks me “what are we going to do today dad?” of “Where are we going?”  I often respond, “Well son, i’m going to work, but i’m sure mommy has something fun planned for you all.”

The other day, our son was playing or watching TV on the couch.  Effortlessly, he let loose the most hearty laugh I have heard from a 4-year old.  It struck my wife as well too, who looked up from tending to our 2-week old son.  I asked, “Kay-Kay, what’s so funny?” Without even batting an eye he replied, “I don’t know; I just laughed”.

I thought about why my son’s jovial expression struck me so.  I realized that deep down, laughter had become something reserved for when all my problems/issues are resolved.  I had started a retirement fund for laughter, which I would not be able to touch until I turn 65 and a 1/2 (or whatever the retirement age is).  To me, the only people who were allowed laugh freely were people who don’t have to face the problems of regular daily life (i.e. Athletes, celebrities, and everyone else for whom money is not an issue).  

I dismissed the chortle and giggle of children, based upon the premise that they were to young to know any better; they laugh out of naivete.  But maybe I am the one who is missing the party.

What do you think?   How can we reclaim the healing power of a good guffaw?

2 thoughts on “More Laughter

  1. I think sometimes laughter is such a good way of de-stressing ourselves. Scientists have proved that people who laugh a lot tend to live longer. I think as I’m going in to my 20s now I feel there is less and less laughter everyday of my life as I start worrying about many different things. I feel like sometimes we just need to take a break from the hectic life and just interact with people and friends in a humorous manner. I’m sure it would definitely make us feel much better.

    1. It is one of the things that we “grow out of” as we get older. We shouldn’t though, as everyone can benefit from a good laugh.

      I’m grateful for my children, because they bring the lulz on a daily basis. Without them, I’d probably be laughter deficient

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