Selling Yourself

Think long and hard
Think long and hard

I was approached by a recruiter through a job seeker site i’m a member of. He informed me that a company in my area was looking for someone to fill a role with a need for skills and abilities I possessed.

It is quite the ego trip to be courted by a recruiter. Who wouldn’t want to be wooed and pursued. Dan and I spoke on the phone a few times about the position, after which he passed my most recent CV along to the Hiring Manager.  I had heard of the company before, and was excited at the potential for the next step in my engineering career.

Dan got back to me with a few time slots for a phone interview.  I’m not keen on phone interviews.  They put the onus solely on the “candidate” to drive the process.  There is no visual indication as to how the proceedings are going.  The interviewee is forced to say and do to much in an attempt to compensate, or “sell them self”.

The moment the Hiring Manager introduced herself, I knew I was in for it.  It was clear she was a seasoned vet at this.  No matter how artful or insightful a response I gave to the myriad of questions, I got no feedback to gauge how well (or poorly) the interview was going.  In a panic, I changed course from exploring a potential employment opportunity, to trying to prove I was worthy of the evaluator’s time.  I wasn’t even sure I wanted the job, but at that point it didn’t matter.

A few days later, Dan informed me the company decided to go in a different direction.  I felt even worse learning that my “efforts” were for naught.  But I did re-learn a valuable lesson: where possible, stay grounded and humble.  Even a little unexpected adulation can cloud perspective and leave you desperate for more.

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