The turn signal.

At one time this device was considered one of the most innovative creations of the modern era. No longer did drivers have to yell out the window or make hand gestures to each other in order to communicate. With a simple flick of the wrist, other motorist were alerted to your subsequent actions and movements.

It is no coincidence that over the past decade or so motor vehicle crashes appear to be on the rise. There are more distracted drivers on the road. This can be attributed to more attention grabbing technology being integrated into our vehicles, smart phones with their incessant chimes and alerts, as well as a general lackadaisical attitude taken towards driving.

From my own driving experience, I have noticed that fewer and fewer motorists are enlisting the use of the turn signal, alerting the rest of the traveling public to their desired movement. This type of behavior would seem inherently counterproductive to the greater goal of safe and efficient automobile travel. People simply fail to communicate their intentions.

But upon further thought, this thinking and behavior is not limited to the realm of driving. All throughout society, business deals have been halted, personal relationships falter, and even wars started because intentions were not clearly communicated. As a culture, we have begun to devalue intent, even going so far as to chastise individuals who take the time to spell things out. It is seen as excessive, or a waste of time.

There is something vulnerable about expressing your desires that mankind has come to loath. In this day and age of showing strength and strength only, any sign of humility is shunned. The problem then arises where individuals are left only with the alternative, which is to constantly make assumptions about others and their surrounding environment. Most people prefer this, as it lends to the perception of more control, or more power. But this is often not the case. An assumption can be one of the most risky actions a person can take.

Nothing is lost or surrendered by signaling a left turn. At the very least, your fellow motorists will know where you want to go. Who knows, They may even let you pass before them.

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