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It is an interesting phenomena.

Each day society goes to “work”.  Many are able to “work” in the same space that they inhabit, doing away with the construct of a workplace.  Not too long ago the vast majority of people did things where it was clear what work they produced in a day.  A farmer milked his cows and collected 4 dozen eggs from the hen house, a cobbler made 5 pairs of men’s shoes, etc.  The Industrial Revolution changed the way society measured productivity, and work, but not the psychological and physical relationship with it.

There is something to be said about creating, or producing a thing.  A finished article represents to culmination of any number processes or events, which involved one or dozens of individuals.  A person can look at a table, a bushel of apples, or a solar panel and say “I was involved; my efforts lead to the making of this thing.”

Fewer people can make such a claim these days, myself included.  I am employed because of my ability to form relationships and meld ideas, people, and resources.  This concept of intellectual produce, is one I oft wrestle with, although it has treated me kindly.  The balance feels disrupted; at the end of the day, what can I look at and say “I have created”?  It may sound idealistic, but I envy the construction laborer, baker, or hairstylist: They know what their hands have done this day.  Maybe others have felt the same way I do.

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