What’s in a Name?


As you can see, I never mastered the Vulcan Salute. Nevertheless, I do consider myself to be an alien. It’s the inspiration for this blog’s subtitle (also, I should disclose that iamanalien was already taken). What planet am I from? Why Earth of course. When I say alien, I mean in the sense of not fitting in.

Growing up, I used to think it was because I had a funny name (my parents are of Yoruba descent, from Nigeria). When I reached High school and College, I assumed something was wrong with me because I didn’t understand why the expectation was to memorize and regurgitate facts. On my first job, I shrunk a little each day as we wasted our energy on mindless tasks. But it all makes sense now.

I was not created to live this way; no one was. Somewhere along the line this became “normal” behavior. There is nothing “normal” about spending one’s time doing things they don’t want to do, with people they don’t like. Every person has a unique purpose. The challenge is finding out what that purpose is in one’s lifetime. The goal is obvious, yet the path escapes all but the few most determined individuals.

I selected AquaticBarefoot as the primary moniker because it’s an idea I have held in my mind for the better part of a decade. I’m not ready to speak in detail about it at this time, but this is my way of keeping that dream alive.

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